4 Types Of Casino Gambling Games That Use Dice

4 Types Of Casino Gambling Games That Use Dice

4 Types of Casino Gambling Games Using Dice || There are so many casino gambling games that you can play. But this time we will discuss the types of casino games that use dice. Now there are very many online gambling games that use dice as a medium for playing. Therefore, please immediately refer to the types of online dice gambling games below.

Types of Casino Games That Use Dice

Online gambling games have been enjoyed by many groups of citizens from adolescence to adulthood who have played. Because the steps to play daftar m88 mansion are really easy and easy to understand, that’s the argument. The following is a review of several games using dice media as a special reference to determine the win at 1 time or round


Oglok is a game that uses 3 dice and a media jug that can be closed and will be used as a cover and scrambler for the dice. Gambling is a very popular regional game in Indonesia. has another name that is more well known, namely koprok. The media still uses dice and has the eyes of numbers 1 to 6 and is usually opened to the public every time there is a fair or night market performance. The media is used not in the form of numbers but 6 different symbolic images on each side. wearing symbols in the form of shrimp, chicken, jug, coin, crab, fish. Monopoly Agen Sbobet Indonesia

Monopoly is a game that is often encountered everywhere. Often times this game is played by groups of children, adolescents, and even adults once in a while. To be able to start, it only takes about 2 to four people. But for now, monopoly is a game in online gambling with a few changes to the type of game board and using the media that only has 9 tiles for the country, 3 tiles for bonuses and 1 square for bonuses, and the most dense peculiarities on dice because it not only has aspects. 6 but has a facet above 6. To determine winning, you need to guess what number will determine the method and stop on the country tile.

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Pokerdice is a game that has been improved by gaming company IDN Live through a combination of poker and craps. The tool uses a type of 5 dice, each of which has 6 sides, an angled triangle board which is useful as a launcher that is useful for rolling the 5 dice.


Suwit, a traditional game, is very often used to determine the alternation of playing in one round or one period. Now it is an online gambling bet. Because it’s really easy that many people have tried SUWIT. For the betting medium used is the same but only uses 2 dice, each of which has a picture of Stone, Scissors, Paper, then the others are in the form of a thumb, forefinger, little finger

Sicbo Says

An ancient game, originating from China which has been popular and is really famous in the Asian country layer. For media there are always 3 dice in the form and an open box as a place to load when 3 dice will be thrown into the box. Lose to win is determined by the results of the numbers that come out. It’s pretty easy to win this type of sicbo gambling bet


a type of betting game that has been changed by gaming company IDN Live. By using the media 1 dice that has a point number 1 to 6 which has been converted into gangsing which will be rotated on a plate. to determine win or loss to be the result of what number of dice that come out after the stop rolling.

So knowing the type of game can help you a little to make the expected bet. To be able to play, it is enough to register on an online dice gambling site that is popular and highly trusted so that you are not fooled into acting on behalf of the Online Casino. With 1 username you can enjoy all of the games above. Don’t forget to invite your friends to play because it gets even better when a friend follows you. And the most important thing is to hear the advice of some professional bettors in order to get a big win.

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