Ceme City Fighter Poker139’s Latest Card Game

One of the popular card games that you can play on the new member ceme promo site is the most exciting game like Ceme Fighter.

This game uses the media of 1 set of dominoes and can only be played by a maximum of 8 people, where each player will have the opportunity to become a dealer provided that they have sufficient balance to become a dealer.

This game is so easy for you to play 99 domino poker online uang asli that it has developed into one of the most popular types of games today.

How to Play Ceme Fighter Cards / Around Provider Poker139

Basically, the way to play Ceme Fighter card gambling is the same as the Ceme game, the difference is that each player will take turns to become a dealer.

Example :

In the first round player A becomes the city, then in the second round it is the turn of player B who will be the badar, the system continues to the next player when the table is filled with 8 players. judi slot terbaik

How to calculate the Ceme Fighter card is very easy, you just add up the total circle on the card you have.

The following is a complete explanation of how to see card combinations in the Ceme Fighter game:

Ceme City Fighter Poker139’s Latest Card Game

First, when the total number of 2 cards exceeds 9, the value of the card is deducted by 10.
Second, if the total number of 2 cards exceeds 19, the card value is deducted by 20.
Third, if the number of player cards is 9 and the dealer is also 9, the winner is declared the winner. dealers.
Fourth, if in one game table there is a player card with a total of 9 then the win will be paid twice by the dealer.

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Tips and Tricks for Winning Ceme Online Gambling for Beginners

Light Capital

For those of you who incidentally are beginners, it is recommended to bring only the necessary capital, Ceme Fighter is a type of card game whose chip rotation style is quite fast every round.

Because with just 1 round you can bet big or small, however, to ward off defeat you can bring as much capital as you can.

Active Switching Places

In the game Ceme Fighter Online you can not see the card first.
Of course, if you always sit in the same place and get cards that are always bad then start looking at seats that have better card potential.

So most likely you will change the fate of the card and the chances of winning are on your side.

Utilizing Duration

In this type of ceme promo game, new members use tempo, it is really needed, so when you have won, try not to bet in 1 to 3 rounds with large amounts.

Why? because at any time you get a good card, so next in 1-3 rounds maybe your card combination is not as good as at the beginning.


In every type of online gambling game, there will certainly be losers and wins, both big and small.

So when you have done some of the above methods but still lose, make sure that the luck factor is not on your side.

Then you have to stop and continue on another day, because it is possible that your previous defeat capital can return when you play again.

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Flexible and Easy to Play on Favorite Gadgets

Ceme City Fighter Poker139’s Latest Card Game

The Ceme Fighter Poker139 game can also be played directly on your favorite smartphone device without having to bother downloading the application.

To be able to surf comfortably, new members recommend using the Google Chrome browser, so this article about the most popular Ceme Fighter game ends.