Getting to Know the Tools Often Used in Gambling Games

As we know that now there are online gambling game provider sites where players no longer need to go to the casino or gather fellow situs judi terbaik players to be able to play gambling games. Even so, players at least players also need to understand the tools that are often used in online gambling games and live casinos. judi casino online

Playing cards

It can be said that this card is very synonymous with the word gambling which can be seen in many types of gambling games that use this card. The types of games that are certainly known to many people are poker, blackjack, baccarat and many other types of games, both online and in live casinos.

This deck of cards consists of 52 cards which are divided into 4 types of cards, namely Spades / Spades, Hearts / Hearts, Diamonds / Diamonds and Clubs / Curls. Each of these types of playing cards consists of 13 cards, namely Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King. Sometimes in one deck of playing cards there are also 4 additional cards consisting of 2 red joker cards and 2 black joker cards. But joker cards are rarely used as part of gambling games.

In general, the assessment of each playing card from a game is seen from the numbers on the card. As for an ace, it usually has a value of 1. But in a blackjack game, this ace card can be worth 11 and also 1 depending on which is the most profitable. As for the Jack, Queen, King cards always have a sequence where Jack (J) is lower than Queen (Q) and Queen is lower than King (K). If for card assessment, usually the J, Q, K cards are worth 10. The point depends on the scoring rules of the type of game being played. The uniqueness of the card and the interesting opportunities of this card make playing cards very useful as a gambling game.

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Kartu Domino

If players are familiar with the games provided in online gambling, of course, players will find games that use domino cards. There are also quite a few types of games that use dominoes, such as domino gaple, dominoQQ, AduQ, Ceme, and many more that can be found on the internet.

One stack of dominoes consists of 28 cards, where in 1 this card there are two parts and each part has a dot from 1 to 6 or does not have a dot that indicates the value of the card. The appearance of the domino card can be seen in the image below.


There are several types of games that use dice as a game tool. One such game is Sicbo. Generally the dice used are cube-shaped dice and have 6 sides where each side has a point from one to 6.

There are also some games that do not use the tools mentioned above, such as the game of roulette. The tool of this game is in accordance with the name roulette which is taken from the French language, namely the small board. The board used in the game of roulette itself consists of several columns containing numbers and colors. Then there is an additional small ball that is thrown onto the roulette board and will enter one of the columns and the contents of that column will determine the victory. These are some of the tools that are often used in gambling games. Hopefully the information that has been explained can be useful for many people.

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