Guide to Gaining Benefits Playing Dragon Tiger Online

There are many casino games that can be played since these games can be played online. One of these casino games is the online dragon tiger game. This game can be played on the official online dragon tiger site for only 20 thousand rupiah and of course has a member account from the site.

How To Make Profit From Dragon Tiger Online

How to play dragon tiger online is very easy to play. agen judi online Players only need to place bets by predicting the conditions of the 2 parties that will be played on the game table, namely the dragon side and the tiger side. Later the dragon tiger casino dealer will place 1 card each to the dragon side and the tiger side. Generally, this game has 3 types of bets, namely dragon bets where the value of the card on the dragon side is higher than the card value on the tiger side. Likewise tiger bets where the value of the card on the tiger side is higher than the value on the card on the dragon side. The third is the Tie bet where the cards on the dragon and tiger side are of the same value. For the assessment of the cards, the order of the lowest is Ace, 2, 3 to 10 then Jack, Queen, and King as the card with the highest value. judi online terbaik

Players who play dragon tiger online on the official online dragon tiger site can see the original casino dealer directly to show the game being played is a genuine game without any elements of cheating or programming and the like. By knowing the game being played is a safe place to play, players can focus on benefiting from the online dragon tiger game by applying the following guidelines:

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1. Understanding the Conditions of the Bet Type

As explained that generally this game has 3 bets, namely dragon bets, tiger bets, tie bets. By knowing the conditions of the bets, players can estimate the chances of winning from each type of bet. For this game, it is most likely that victory can be obtained on dragon bets or tiger bets where the possibility is very large that the pile of playing cards has a different value and from these different values, of course one type of bet will be the winner. As for the tie bet, the possibility of winning can be said to be very small because you have to wait until the two exposed cards are of the same value.

2. Playing in easy-to-win bet types

After understanding the types of bets, players can choose which bets can generate profits, namely bets that have a greater chance of winning and in the dragon tiger game, dragon bets or tiger bets.

3. Bet With Big Bet Value

In any gambling game and including this online dragon tiger, the greater the value of the bet that the player places, the higher the payout will be. With this online dragon tiger game, players can take advantage of the possibility of winning bets using one of the types of bets provided.

4. Implementing a Betting Strategy

Players can also apply several betting strategies to increase the profits obtained or anticipate losses so that players will still feel the benefits. One strategy is to multiply the bet value when you lose from a round. If the player loses in a round with a bet value of for example 40 thousand rupiah, then in the next round double the bet value to 80 thousand and then play again. If the round wins, then the profits obtained can cover the losses from the previous round and generate profits again.

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