History of Slot Gambling Games

In 1985, in the city of San Francisco, the United States, the first slot machine game was discovered by someone named Charles Fey.

Making a slot machine using 3 pieces of iron mold rolls, and printing several card image symbols to play. The images on the symbol are Hearts, Spades and Diamonds.

Slot games are very popular with the wider community, around the 1970s casinos started making slot machine games on a large scale.

The rapid development of the times and the emergence of internet technology, makes slot players prefer to play Daftar Sbobet Gratis online slot bets. Because it saves time and also costs if you have to come to play at the casino.

The beginning of the story begins when Charles is 23 years old and moves to New Jersey. Then before living in San Francisco, California in 1885. Charles has traveled throughout the continental United States.

Before building the company, Charles had worked at the company Western Electric Works. Now Charles has his own company called Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm Schiltze and Theodore Holtz.

The process of playing slot machines in the 1880s was to exchange money for tokens or tickets. In 1893, Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm Schultze invented an automatic payment mechanism. daftar agen bola terbaik

Then in 1895, Charles also created the latest Horseshoe slot machine. Where players play and win will get coins.

The slot machine created by Charles was so famous and popular that around 1896 Charles opened a special workshop to make slot machines.

Slot Machine Evolution

The creation of slot machines from the beginning until now there is a history of its development. The changes that have taken place in slot machine games, have changed over time. Here is the history of the development of slot machines.

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1887 – 1895

Around 1887-1895, the first slot machine was created by a man named Charles Augustus Fey. Charles created an automatic machine that was to reduce the complexity of reading the system in slot machines.

One of the changes was to replace the machine which was originally 5 drums now to 3 rolls.

Charles has also created 5 other symbols such as the Horseshoes symbol, the liberty bell, the Hearts symbol, the Diamonds symbol, and the Spades symbol.

1902 – 1908

In 1902 the slot machine game was banned from operating. Because the machine that gives money has been banned, a machine called the Fruit Machine appears.

The game uses fruit symbols and this slot machine pays out with items such as candy and chewing gum.

Then came the machine called the Bell Operator, produced at a company called Herbert Mills, Chicago, around 1907.


In 1964 the Bally company created a machine that could move mechanically, but when playing it had to pull a lever. A machine that can make payments automatically up to 500 coins.

1996 – present

In 1996 the company WMS Industries Inc. made a product called iReeliemi. This game will bring up another display when getting a bonus round.

With the presence of bonus rounds, players can earn a lot of coins. So much so that this video slot game game soared high among gamblers.

That’s the article History of slot gambling games, hopefully it can help and add to your insight in playing online slot betting. Thank you.