History Of The Interesting Online Sakong Game

In ancient times or in the era of the dynasty can survive until now. It is not certain how many types of gambling games that have been played until now. However, it is certainly not a small number, and the players are also very many. Therefore, in my article this time, I will explain the history of one of the most famous types of games from the past until now. The gambling game is a sakong gambling game. I will briefly explain to you so that you can know the beginning of this Sakong gambling game.

The gambling game that has also been played for a long time from ancient times until now is the Sakong gambling game. Sakong game is a gambling game that has also existed since the dynasty era in China. This sakong game was very popular during the dynasty in China, where this game was played by kings and soldiers. Apart from that it is not allowed to play daftar rfbet99 this Sakong game. but did you know that this sakong game originally started with a chess game where in ancient times people played it using pebbles. Which later developed using cards carved from wood. sbobet online

History Of The Interesting Online Sakong Game

In ancient times, cards were used by nobles from parts of Europe. The card used to be not shaped like a card that is now in general. Because in ancient times there were no sophisticated items that could be used to make cards. So that a card is made using a wooden base that is cut into a rectangular shape. Which is then carved one by one before playing it. Just imagine how difficult it was at that time to play gambling using cards. Because you have to carve it first using wood. However, there are also advantages to cards that are carved using wood, which is that they will be more durable when used.

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In ancient times, gambling games were very rare. Because in making the card, it is really troublesome and not everyone can make it. Only people who already have skills or expertise can make cards to play. And the amount made was not much, the amount made at that time was only enough for the nobles to play. However, they also play using tarot cards, these tarot cards total 72 cards in a set of cards. This tarot card is a kind of divination card that is used to predict the future or what events will happen to that person.

History Of The Interesting Online Sakong Game

But over time, more sophisticated tools began to be found. So at that time those people need to carve it again. Because there is a printing press that can be used to make the card using a copper plate. It turns out that not only that, the card can also be colored to make it look more beautiful and nice when played. And there are already pictures like the ones on the jack, queen and king cards. However, it is not known exactly who the characters in the card are. And it is not known for sure who invented the tool used to print the card.

After that at the time it was growing. In the end, a sophisticated tool has been created which is used to make cards. The material used is no longer wood, but already using a thick paper. The display used has become beautiful and beautiful. And the images contained in the jack, queen, and king cards are always changing images. It is not known for certain the figure contained in the card.

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In this sakong game, use rummy cards which consist of 52 cards in a set of cards. The game of sakong has its own meaning, namely sa which means the number 3, then kong which means king. So when combined then it becomes 3 kings. As in the game getting three king cards is a high value.

That’s what I can tell you all about the history of the game of gambling. I hope it can be useful for you who read it. In my next article, I will make an article on how to play this sakong. don’t forget to read it.