How to Distinguish Real and Fake Online Poker Agents

Poker card gambling games are popular all over the world but only trusted online poker agents really provide excellent facilities and features. Who doesn’t know the game of poker? Card gambling that came from America is an ancient game that is very exciting and challenging. Especially now that there are more and more new innovations from poker games from online poker websites to make it even more interesting. But only online poker agents can have and provide this type of game and serve members optimally without any desire for manipulation.

How to Distinguish Real and Fake Online Poker Agents

Avoid mistakes when choosing an online poker agent

Poker can be worked out if the bettor finds the best place to gamble. If they do not find the best website, then they can get a loss. Admittedly, it is not easy to get a poker website right among the many scam agents that are currently circulating. Even to make scam agents look like real agents, they make their fake gambling websites give more confidence so that some bettors will not be able to know the inequality. Here’s what makes some beginner bettors feel suspicious of assembling with a poker agent because they can no longer tell which agent is genuine and which agent is fake. Daftar Bola Online

It takes more than just a cursory look at the website to determine whether this agent is good or not. Sometimes it also takes a lot of sacrifice to know whether this website is what they have been looking for or not. Make sure you choose a website that does not have bots in it. Generally almost every poker website found on the internet has a 100% slogan without any bots or robots. Then followed by the slogan 100% fair and all bettors are humans and not robots or computers. Most of the bettors don’t know what it really means to be 100% without bots.

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The thing that crossed the minds of bettors was how could an online poker site be free from robots, especially if all gambling systems were opened and managed using the latest technology in the form of machines so that gambling could be done by everyone in different locations. The so-called robot system is not a tool that drives the website but a system that regulates the wins and losses of a bettor when playing poker uang asli gambling. This system is often used by scam agents to get bigger profits than usual because they can manage at will the defeat of the bettor.

Scam sites are not only those who make money with bettors but also those who pretend to provide gambling games and act like a bookie but slowly make you bankrupt without ever feeling a win while hanging out with them. When you play poker on a site that uses a bot system, it is certain that you lose and only that particular player wins every round of poker games until they finally win the bet. You must know whether the site contains bots or not by playing like bettors and members of the site.

Basically, you have to sacrifice a little money or the smallest bet to immediately play on the site. If the agent provides a free account that you can use to check the ongoing game immediately, so you can monitor it without the need to spend money. However, if the agent you choose does not provide free account service, then you must be the one who needs to step in and spend a little bit of sacrifice to finally find the best agent. Once you have registered, immediately make the lowest possible deposit using a small bet.

Try to focus on all the games that are played and not just focus on the cards themselves because the main thing you do is look at all the websites and differentiate them based on the bot used. If there is one player who wins each round continuously without exchanging with other players or even yourself, then you can be sure that the agent uses bots. And vice versa, if you never even win the round you are playing, then it is clear that the agent is using a bot and you have to leave it if you don’t want to experience losses because you can’t win.

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Maybe it is a little burdensome for you to spend money first just to check the gambling website, however, the following steps are the most suitable for you by immediately knowing whether the website uses bots or not. You not only receive information through the community or other people but can show yourself with your power to find the best website. With this, you will not be disappointed from the choices and conditions that you have made so that you can get a trusted poker agent that provides long-term benefits for the bettor and lasts so long with superior means.

How to choose the best online poker agent for beginners

If the player who wins each round is different, then the bettor who plays gambling is a real human and not a robot. This means that this agent is completely fair and does not act in any manipulation. But not all websites you have to visit and make a deposit just to check all the sites because you have to also pay attention to the characteristics of other sites before you do further research. If every website you visit has to spend money for a deposit, then you yourself will experience bankruptcy. You have to really filter and select some websites first.

After you have found the website that gives you the most confidence, then hurry up and do your next investigation. The best poker sites are not only apart from bots but they also have a variety of interesting poker games as a form of innovation. The more number of poker games that can be offered by agents, so agents can be said to be very bona fide. It’s not easy to get this interesting game and you can see what gambling provider houses the gambling agent. If the provider that supports them is very popular and has a high reputation in the people, then the agent would be the best website because it is not easy to get an ID.


It is the provider who provides the best gambling games and the job of small agents is only to work with them so that later they can carry out gambling in the maximum way. Also check the age of the website using an application that can check the age of the website on the internet. Do not join a website that is less than a year old even though they have many regular members, it can be proven that their credibility is even popular everywhere because they have not shown whether the website can last long or not. Generally, new websites always provide the best service so that many bettors are interested in joining them.

The better you join an online poker agent who is more than a year old because the older the site is, the more it shows that the gambling agent is very experienced and professional. Maybe you can also choose a website that is at least two to three years old. and compare with other websites to see the credibility of the agent. Don’t think that an agent that is long enough is an old-fashioned agent and is out of date with old-fashioned technology because you will have nothing to lose if you join them.