How to Domino Deposit Telkomsel Credit – Poker139 is a card gambling game with bets using real money. Poker139 is a game that is usually known as DominoQQ or Domino Qiu Qiu.

Poker139 Online is a game that can be played in 1 table with a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 people. In this game, you play without using a dealer, but qq poker online terpercaya players vs players. The card variant used is a domino card variant which consists of 28 cards with each card having a different value.

With each player will get a total of 4 cards. In determining the winner will be determined from the one with the highest or best card value or combination. The highest card combination in Domino Qiu Qiu is 99 or Kiu Kiu.

How to Domino Deposit Telkomsel Credit

In making a credit deposit, especially for Telkomsel card users, you can follow the steps below. In this article we will provide a complete guide or method. One of the agents who have a deposit via credit is Poker139. daftar casino online


  • Especially for Telkomsel card users.
  • For the destination number, you can contact Customer Service via livechat or the available wa.
  • The minimum Telkomsel credit deposit is Rp. 20,000
  • Minimum Withdraw of Rp. 50.000 (This withdrawal can only be done via Bank, and for withdrawal via credit is not yet available).
  • Willing to follow according to the rate that has been determined by Poker139.
  • After you have transferred via credit, you will then confirm back to live chat or wa by sending proof of credit transfer, SN (Serial Number), sender number (for users *858*), User ID, and the amount transferred.
  • After you know or understand the terms and conditions, the next step is how to do via credit in several ways below:
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First Stage By *858* (Use Own Card – Telkomsel)

  • First you open the call menu / Call
  • After that you type *858*destination number for credit transfer*nominal transfer#
    Example: *858*081287996566*100000#
  • Then you press Call / Call / OK
  • And finally, check the number you want and the nominal you want sent, if it is correct or okay select menu 1 (agree)
  • Second Stage By way of counter or market

In this second stage, you only need to contact customer service on the site you are playing, namely Poker139. After you have got the destination number, then you can go to the place where you subscribe to top up your credit or the nearest market. If you fill in through the counter, don’t forget to ask the owner of the counter for the SN number. And you confirm back to live chat or wa on the Poker139 site. Market here in the sense that it can be through Indomaret, Alfamart, and so on.

Third Stage By Using M-banking, Internet Banking or E-Money

In this third stage, there is a way that is arguably the easiest way to top up credit through M-Banking, Internet Banking or E-Money. In this E-money consists of OVO, Funds and so on. Before you use E-Money, you should first ask the CS if it’s okay to use one of the e-moneys you use. This is to avoid unwanted things.

After you understand how to Domino Deposit Telkomsel Credit, it’s easy and practical to be able to play online gambling without having to have an account. Do you still have doubts about playing gambling by depositing via credit? If you want to register an account, you can click the register logo below: