How To Play Ceme Around The City Online

This article will be very useful for those who are currently looking for a way to play ceme around.

Even though it is an easy game, it is still necessary for beginners to know how to play this game.

It cannot be denied that this game is an easy game in its class.

Usually in a city or poker, this game is combined in a package containing 7 different games.

Ceme keliling is idn poker terbaik played by 2 to 8 people and is included with the city.

The point is that both mobile ceme and ordinary ceme are played in the same way, but there are clear differences.

If the ceme is played with the same city, the difference with the ceme around the player will be in turn clockwise to become the city.

Here we will discuss for you how to play ceme around and what are the types of cards. taruhan bola terpercaya

How To Play Ceme Around The City Online

How to play ceme around on the New Ceme Member Promo site is very easy.

Understand the Card

Obviously, if you want to play, then every prospective player must understand what the type of card from the game looks like.

Circular ceme cards are played using dominoes with 28 cards, but it must be remembered that dominoes are different games.

How to Count Cards

In the picture above is a type of ceme card that has described how to count these ceme cards to determine the winner.

In online mobile ceme it is also the same as using the number 9 as the benchmark for the highest number.

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so for the number 10 is considered 0, the number 11 is considered 1, and so on.

In adding up the value of the ceme card around, that is by adding up how many dots or red dots from the cards that are dealt.

How to Play

Each player and including the dealer will be distributed simultaneously 2 cards each.

After that, each player and dealer will be given the opportunity to peek for a moment to find out what the value of the card is.

After that, all player and dealer cards will be opened simultaneously and instantly the player who has the highest value from the dealer will win.

It can also be said that in ceme the player will be opposite the dealer.

Rules And Bonuses That Happen In The Game Ceme Keliling Online That Must Be Known

Previously above, it has also been explained how to play and also the calculation of cards from this mobile ceme.

However, there are some rules and bonuses that apply that all players must know.

Some of these rules are:

  • The minimum bet is 4,000, with an initial balance of 20,000.
  • Players will turn clockwise.
  • The minimum balance to become a dealer is IDR 280,000, meaning that if there is a player whose balance is insufficient, the dealer’s position will move to the next player.
  • The highest card is worth 9.

Another rule is that the possible results that will come out in this ceme game are 4 of them:

  • The player’s card is bigger than the dealer, the dealer loses and pays according to the bet.
  • The dealer’s card is bigger than the player, the player loses and pays according to the bet.
  • The player gets a 9 card and the dealer loses, the dealer must pay double.
  • The dealer and player have a tie, the player loses and must pay.
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Example: in 1 table there are 6 players who are already included with the city

  • Dealer has cards : 6
  • First player : 5
  • Second : 9
  • Third : 6
  • Fourth : 1
  • Fifth : 2

In this example it is clear that the dealer wins over players and loses against 1 player who has a card value of 9.

While the bonuses that can be obtained by players and dealers are jackpot bonuses that can come out at any time in the middle of the game.

A bonus that applies if the player and the dealer simultaneously get a 6 god card, balak, pure big, and also pure small.

Those are some ways to play and also the rules that apply in the online ceme game on the New Member Ceme Promo gambling site.

If you are ready to play, then our advice is to look for a trusted online ceme dealer before you play.

If you don’t want to bother looking for the best ceme city, just click REGISTER, you can directly connect with the ceme city which is definitely reliable.