How to Play Hokijudi99 Online Game

In the past, to play gambling, you had to gather friends or colleagues who wanted to play first and prepare cards to play a type of game. Now players only need to use the player’s smartphone, then visit the official online card gambling site to play the gambling games provided. From online card gambling sites we can find many games ranging from those that everyone is familiar with such as poker and also other games that may rarely sound like Hokijudi99.

Information Guide How to Play Hokijudi99 Online

To play Hokijudi99 online on online card gambling sites, of course, hokijudi99 players must have a member account from the site first. The way to make it is very easy and the process is also fast so players don’t have to worry. First, players access the site, then click register and just fill in the requested data according to the player data. After completion, the member account can be used immediately. Players only need to add the member’s account balance with the player’s original money using the balance deposit method, then transfer it to the account that appears. Even if after the transfer but the balance has not been entered, players can ask customer service via the livechat feature provided on the site page, precisely in the lower right corner.

Although this online Hokijudi99 game sounds new, this game has a uniqueness that makes this game very interesting. Of course, players are curious about how to play, right? Here is a guide on how to play Hokijudi99 online.

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1. Selecting a Game Table

After the player has finished using the member account to log in to the site, the player will see many games provided and including the Hokijudi99 game. Click Hokijudi99 then a game table will appear, each of which has betting conditions, namely the minimum bet, maximum bet and betting capital that must be brought to be able to act as a dealer.

2. Play Hokijudi99 Online

After entering the game table, the player will enter as a player and choose an empty seat to play. At the beginning of the game, all players will place their bets in accordance with the provisions of the game table bet. After that the player gets 2 dominoes and will pit the value of the card with the player who acts as a dealer at the game table. The way to calculate the value of the card is enough to count the number of points from the 2 dominoes obtained with the condition that the maximum value is 9.

3. Determination of Victory

For the win, if the value of the player’s card is higher than the value of the dealer’s card, then the player who is declared won and gets a profit payment equal to the value of the bet placed. But if the value of the player’s card is equal to the value of the dealer’s card or below, then the player is declared defeated and will place the bet placed by the player on the dealer. Although the dealer benefits if the card value is drawn, players also have the advantage of being able to get a double payment if they win with a value of 9. Suppose the player places a bet value of 10,000 and wins with a card value of 9, then the player will get a payment of 20,000

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