How to Play the Most Simple and Easy Parlays

The Most Simple and Easy Way to Play Parlay

What is the mix parlay market? Mix Parlay is an online soccer gambling market that requires a player to select a minimum of 3 matches directly. You can include several types of markets in 1 mix parlay package. The high paying profits have led many people to find out about how to play situs agen bola parlay in a simple and precise way.

The total winnings paid for this Mix Parlay market are based on the odds [khei] of all matches in 1 betting package. In essence, if there is 1 game that is completely lost / FULL LOSE, it will immediately be considered VOID or lose all of them. Daftar Judi Bola


First of all, how to play parlay correctly is to know how the payout will be. Especially if the results of your Parlay bet are FULL WIN (W), winning half (WH), losing half (LH) and Draw (D).


If all the betting packages that you enter in the Mix Parlay market, the ball wins in full. Then you just have to multiply all the odds of each party. Then, multiply it by the number of bets that you have placed!

Example: (Odds Value of Each Team in 1 Mix Parlay Betting Package) 1.75 x 1.74 x 1.69 = 5,146 then subtract -1 = 4.146 x 150 (Total Bet / BET You Place) = 621.91. So the payout you get from this Mix Parlay bet is 621.91.


Meanwhile, if one of the teams experiences a draw, the odds value of that team will not be counted. The calculation of payment here is only based on the value of the odds of winning.

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Example: (Odds Value of Each Team in 1 Mix Parlay Bet Package) 1 1.78 x 1.71 = 3.0438 then subtract -1 = 2.0438 x 50 (Bet Amount / BET You Place) = 102.19. So the payout you get from this Mix Parlay bet is 102.19.



Then, what if one team wins half (WH). Then the bet will still be running. However, the odds of the team that loses half (WH) are calculated using a special formula, namely: (Odds – 1) / 2 + 1.

For example, the match between Barcelona vs Real Madrid with odds 1.94. Then the calculation of the formula is as follows: (1.94 – 1): 2 + 1 = 1.47.

Example: (Odds Value of Each Team in 1 Mix Parlay Betting Package) 1 1.67 x 1.95 x 1.47 = 4.787 then subtract -1 = 3,787 x 29 (Total Bet / BET You Place) = 109.82. So the payout you get from this Mix Parlay bet is 109.82.


Unlike when you lose completely, all Parlay bets will be forfeited. If you lose half (WH), then there is a special calculation, namely the odds that the team will divide by 2 all the odds for the winning team. Example :

Example: (Odds Value of Each Team In 1 Mix Parlay Betting Package) 2.12 x 2.20 x 0.5 = 2.332 then subtract -1 = 1.787 x 25 (Total Bet / BET You Place) = 33.3. So the payout you get from this Mix Parlay bet is 33.3.

How to get a gambling account to be able to bet

Those were some guidelines and how to play parlay correctly and correctly. By understanding it, now you can win more easily and quickly get big profits. But if you can’t place a bet because you don’t have a trusted online gambling account, then register on a trusted football betting site immediately.

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The way to register is easy, all you have to do is fill in the registration fields on the site. Complete all the registration fields with your personal information correctly so that there are no obstacles when playing online gambling later.