Old Tricks to Play Online Poker Games

In 2020, there are already a lot of online gambling games that are rampant, even millions of sites have spread across Indonesia.

Starting from casino game sites, online balls, online lottery, online poker, cockfighting, and of course there are many other games.

But do you know why this online gambling game is a favorite of many people? Of course, because apart from being able to have fun while playing, we can also double our money (if we are hockey). sbobetasia login

But if you lose, of course, it’s not very heartwarming, isn’t it and you will feel lost and sad, so many people are looking for ways and tricks on how to win and not lose.

In essence, in playing link alternatif starbet99 there are winners and losers, not always losing and not always winning. We often hear that term from online gambling members or players who have often played.

But if we experience continuous defeats of course you will be annoyed, so we will look for tips and tricks to cheat so that we can play the game and win continuously.

However, in the year 2020, online poker games are booming, so there are many fans of the game.

For these games, the games that are very often played are BandarQ, AduQ, and Poker. But the game that has the highest win rate is the online game BandarQ.

But even though it has the highest win rate, there are still some people who lose.

In the following, we will give a secret cheat trick to those of you who often lose playing BandarQ online games, the following:

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Bring 100k capital

Why does it have to be 50k? We have to test first on the table we want to sit on whether it’s a hockey table or not. So for example at that table you are not hockey, you can immediately try to move to another table and your capital will not decrease and you will not lose.

Play safe minimum bet

The second trick is to keep playing safe by placing a minimum bet. Installing a minimum bet is the most appropriate choice if you want to play it safe and don’t want to lose a lot.

But even if you play safe placing a minimum bet, you must be able to read cards. There could be a chance for you to get more money.

Like you feel that your card feels good, you can immediately place a max bet so you can win a lot.

Before opening the card, use the prayer emoticon

As many have said before doing anything, it is good to pray first before doing something. The same is true if you play this bandarQ game.

Use the prayer emoticon in the right corner, don’t forget to also use the emoticon you also have to pray so that the card you get is good.

Switch tables

Switching tables if you have lost 3 times in a row is the right way for you to play in order to minimize the losses that are due to this cityQ game.

Therefore, you should try this trick, because this trick has been tried and applied quite a lot.


And many say this trick is quite effective in minimizing your losses and trying your table. So don’t miss this one table switching trick.

More or less like that, cheat tricks in playing bandarQ games online. Hopefully this article is useful for you so that you can win the game easily and minimize the losses you get.

But for everyone, of course, they have different tricks, for the tricks above are tricks

which we have often applied in the game. Maybe you have other cheat tricks that you can share here. Thank you for your attention, greetings hockey