Recognizing Imagery in the IDN Poker Online Site Game Online

Poker has become a very popular product at this time. This game is widely used by all groups of people, both old and young, either to just ward off disgust or make this game a source of finance. If the first users started the game in the early stages, they would be embarrassed because the terms used in this game come from the language of wonder, as follows:


Blinds are the minimum and maximum limits of bets (bets) that are compelling because the agen judi idn poker player is next to the dealer. There are two types of blinds that can be chosen in the poker game of the IDN online poker site, namely small blinds or minimum bet limit, and big blinds / maximum bet limit.


Stakes is a term in real money poker games used to refer to a table based on the value of the blinds on that table.


Chips are online poker currency used in online poker games and many other types of gambling. The chips are given the value of real money. In the world of gambling, chips have an intrinsic calculation with a certain total that is used in betting. sbobetasia login

Min/Max Buy In

Represents the chips that are brought to the table by the players. In playing online poker, it is not possible to carry all the chips or only lift a little, but there are limits to the rules. Min/Max Buy In is written on each table and is different.


Pots are online poker chips that have been placed on the table like a bet.

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Hole cards

Hole cards are two cards held by a character. The hole card is combined with 5 community cards to be the best combination. The effect of a combination of hole cards and community cards is called a hand card.

Call, raise, fold, chek, all in

These four terms online agile ball are for actions that can be utilized by players in poker games on the online IDN poker site. The explanation is as follows:

  • Call is to place a bet with the same value as the previous player.
  • Raise is to place an online poker bet larger than the one placed by the previous player, and the amount of the loose value depends on the character’s wishes.
  • Fold is the act of finishing a card or exiting play within the range of the game.
  • Check is the act of online poker not calling or raising, different from folding, the check movement does not make the player stand out from the game, this option can be taken if no previous player made a call.
  • All In is the behavior of installing all the chips owned by the player at the table.
  • Deposit, Withdraw, Turn over and Referral bets

All of these online agile football terms are terms used with transaction procedures and player finances.

  • Deposit is the process of filling the balance of the player, meaning the player menirim amount of money to the agency online gambling to be exchanged into chips or credit
  • Withdraw the loan disbursement or chip the ball deftly online gathered players to be transferred to the account of the players
  • turn over is the amount at stake wonderful win or lost. Online poker agents will provide a weekly
  • turnover bonus of a percentage of the player’s turn over.
  • Referral is a term for online poker players who have wrapped themselves up in online poker distributors and then invite other people to be loyal, usually each member will be a referral link to be promoted. If you succeed in inviting other people to join, the player will get a bonusIf you want to play online poker, players must really understand the terms mentioned above, so that players are not confused and defeated while opposing.
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