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Did you know that at that time online games were starting to be liked by some people at large? It was as if they were addicted to it, many who initially just tried it for fun, but in the end grew fond of it. Technological progress is also the most important factor in the existence of online games in Indonesia.

So what are the online games that are currently being discussed loudly? Of course the answer is a lot, but this article will discuss about online poker games. Poker is a card game poker deposit pulsa that has been popular with the Indonesian people for a long time and can now be played online. Even though it seems easy, there are still many great potential players who don’t know how to register for this online poker game. The presence of this article will explain the steps for registering an online poker game.

Online poker can be played by anyone. But to be able to play we must first have an account. The new step we need to do to register for a poker game on the IDN poker site is to look for the desired site. We can do it on google search on our favorite smartphone

After successfully finding it, the next step is to enter the online poker IDN site. Then click on the list written on the online poker IDN site. After that will appear an attachment form that we must fill out. In this process we must fill in the personal data correctly so that the registration process runs smoothly.


Online poker then is to fill in the instructions one by one. Starting from the username, in this column we have to create any username from a combination of letters and numbers. When the username that we use has been used by someone else, then we need to change it until it works. Don’t come, we forget the username that we have created, because this username will be needed when playing. promo slot online

In column 2, we have to produce nickname. This nickname will be used as a display of our name on the table while playing. We can use it as we like. Then what is the difference between a username and a nickname? In simple language, the username is used to enter or login, but the nickname is for display on the table while playing.

The third online poker is to create a password or motto. This is one of the most important. Try not to forget the password that we have put. Do not let our password be known by others. After setting the password we must confirm the password that we have used. This is to prevent anything unwanted from happening. The next step is to fill in the email field that we use.

In this section, make sure the email that we include is a diligent email because it is useful when the online poker IDN site is experiencing interference, then there will be a notification via email.

Thus we can act immediately after getting the information. Online poker in registration must also fill in a telephone number. Because when there is an event or extra large, customer service will contact us. & don’t forget the account number along with the bank designation that we use. Don’t get it wrong because if you get it wrong, you’ll want to make things complicated.

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Online poker is very easy to register. We don’t need to bother asking other people for help. If all this time you still have problems in registering a poker account on the online IDN poker site, hopefully this article can be the answer.