Telkomsel Credit Ceme Deposit Guide – In the world of gambling, it has now made it easier for players to make transactions. Now you can make transactions via credit, ovo, funds, and so on. If you are still confused about how to make transactions via credit and others.

Before you enter into understanding how to make transactions via credit, you should first understand the guidelines for playing Ceme Online. Bandar Ceme Online is the most popular game in the world of online gambling. Ceme Online can be played daftar poker online terbaru with a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 8 people and one of the players will act as a dealer. If the Ceme Online does not have a dealer, the online ceme game cannot be started.

Ceme Online plays using dominoes or known as gaple cards which consist of 28 cards that have different values ​​on each card. Each player will get 2 dominoes and includes a dealer. In determining the winner, it will be determined from the value of a dealer’s card that will be reported with the value of a player’s card. The one with the highest card value will be the winner. The highest score in Ceme Online is 9 or Kiu.


After you have understood the guide to playing ceme online, for the next we will provide a little guide on how to make transactions through ceme deposit credit. If you want to make a transaction via credit, then you have to choose a site that provides a transaction via credit. One site that provides deposits via credit that we can recommend is 99Bandar. Here’s how to make transactions via Telkomsel credit as below. daftar agen bola terpercaya

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Terms and Conditions of Deposit Via Credit

  • Especially for Telkomsel card users.
  • For the purpose of depositing via Telkomsel credit, you can confirm it to CS via Live Chat or WA which is available online for 24 hours without stopping.
  • Minimum Deposit Via Telkomsel Credit is Rp. 20,000
  • Minimum Withdraw Rp. 50,000 (For this withdrawal, the funds will still be processed into your account and cannot be via credit)
  • Willing to follow according to the rate determined by 99Bandar.
  • If Adna has successfully made a transaction via sleep, then you must confirm by sending a photo of the credit transaction proof, or inform the SN (Serial Number / serial number), Mobile Number (For senders via *858*),
  • User Id and Nominal sent
  • In making transactions via credit, you must first understand the terms and conditions so that there are no mistakes in making transactions. After you understand the terms and conditions, we will then provide several ways to transact via Telkomsel credit below.


For a detailed or complete explanation on transacting via credit via Telkomsel credit on your own number using *858* below.

  • Prime, you open the Call menu or Call.
  • Then you type *858*Destination Number*The Amount You Want to Send#.
    Example: *858*081278978978*100# (this is a nominal transfer of 100 thousand. If you want to transfer 50 thousand, replace the 100 with 50).
  • After that, you click or press Call / Call.
  • And the last one is that you check again on the number you want to send and the nominal you want to send.
  • If you are sure everything is correct, then you select or press 1 (agree)
  • It is very easy not to make transactions via Telkomsel credit that is owned at your own number. But not only by using the method as above. But for the next method, we will provide it below.
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How to make a deposit via credit by transferring Telkomsel credit via SMS service, namely:

  • Type TPULSA (space) nominal you want to transfer credit.
    Example: TPULSA 50000
  • Send to the destination number or the number of the recipient of credit.
  • But not only transacting Telkomsel credit in the above way. However, there is another way to make it easier for you as below.


In conducting transactions via Telkomsel credit via OVO or internet banking, in transacting via OVO credit and internet banking for players who are used to making transactions via Telkomsel credit via OVO and internet banking. This is a very easy way.

DEPOSIT VIA TELKOMSEL PULSE THROUGH A counter or a place to sell credit

This method is a very easy way, in making transactions via credit through the counter, then you must first know the destination number after that you can only make transactions via this credit.

Those are some ways to make Telkomsel credit transactions that make it easier for you to transact and make it easier for you to play on the 99Bandar Site. On the 99Bandar site, transactions can not only be made via Telkomsel credit. However, you can transact via OVO, DANA, Jenius, Gopay and other E-money.

If you are interested in playing online gambling by transacting via credit or other E-Money. You can register below.