Super Bull Biggest Jackpot – Super Bull is one of the newest games on the IDN Poker server with high speed. To play Super Bull, this is a game that is very easy to play for fans of online gambling players or novice or lay players.

Super Bull or also known as Niu – Niu Poker is one of the online gambling games using real money. To be able to start this game by the player against the dealer. But in the system in this city, the city will alternate in a clockwise direction. This Super Bull game uses 1 deck of playing dominobet online cards. Each player will get a total of 5 playing cards which will be assigned to arrange or combine the cards.

In this game, players have the opportunity to determine the number of chips they want to bet against a dealer. Players can also use the “Last Bet” feature if they want to place a number of chips or bets with the same nominal as before. Then you select or click “Confirm Bet” when you have determined the amount of the bet that you want.

After that, a total of 5 cards will be distributed to all players including a dealer. The goal of the Super Bull game is to divide the 5 cards into 2 contents consisting of 3 and 2 cards. You must determine the first 3 cards that must form a Bull which means a multiple of 10. While the remaining 2 cards will be the value of your card (the value that will be used is the value of the last part).

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The Biggest Jackpot In The SUPER BULL Game

In this Super Bull Online game, regarding this jackpot, you don’t have to buy it in every game, but we have provided extra features for our loyal members. In this super bull game, there are 3 jackpots that can be purchased: 100 coins, 500 coins, and 1000 coins. agen judi bola


  • Full House X 40 the price of the jackpot purchased (Example: You buy jackpot 100 then: 100 X 40 = 4,000)
  • Four of a Kind X 1000 the price of the jackpot purchased (Example: You buy jackpot 100 then: 100 X 1000 = 100,000)
  • Bull Bull Flush X 2000 the price of the jackpot purchased (Example: You buy jackpot 100 then: 100 X 2000 = 200,000)
  • Straight Flush X 9000 the price of the jackpot purchased (Example: You buy jackpot 100 then: 100 X 9000 = 900,000)
  • Royal Flush X 100,000 price purchased jackpot (Example: you buy jackpot 100 then : 100 X 100,000 = 10,000,000)


  • Full House is a condition where your cards form a combination of three of a kind and 1 pair, for example: 3 cards 10 and 2 cards 5.
  • Four of a Kind is a condition where you get a combination of the same 4 cards and 1 free card, for example: 4 number cards 5 and 1 card number 8.
  • Bull Bull Flush is a condition where your card forms a Bull Bull combination with all five cards having the same flower/symbol, for example: 2-h, 3-h, 5-h , 10-h ,Kh
  • Straight Flush is a condition where you get 5 cards with consecutive numbers with the same suit / image, for example: 5-h, 6-h, 7-h, 8-h, 9-h 10- h.
  • Royal Flush is a condition in which you get consecutive cards from 10 to Ace with the same flower/image, for example 10-s, Js, Qs, Ks, and As.
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