The Risks That Will Be Feel To Be A Dealer In The Poker Game139

In this online poker gambling site there are many games provided on one site. In general, there are 3 online poker gambling sites, namely PokerV, Poker Legend and IDN Poker. However, of the two types of poker, the most famous and most widely played is PokerV. It can be said that almost all poker players play from the PokerV site. I don’t know why the PokerV site is more famous, but I think it’s because the PokerV gambling site is the first site that all other sites appear on. That’s why the pokerV site is more widely known and played by online gambling poker texas holdem players.

For the games provided on the PokerV site, there are 8 kinds of games provided. Namely there are Poker139 games, aduq, bandar66, sakong, capsa stacking, dominoqq, poker dealers, and the last one is texas poker. So if you have registered and become a member on one of the pokerV online gambling sites. All of you can already play the eight games which are definitely fun and interesting. For the problem of victory it depends on the hockey and how to play from each player. So it is not certain which game you will win. You have to try one by one which you think is easy to play and profitable for you.

Of the eight games provided on the PokerV gambling site, there are several games that are played more often. Namely in Poker139, aduq, dominoqq and texas poker games. Poker139 is a game that uses dominoes in one table. In one table, of course, there must be 1 player who is willing to become a dealer. If no one is willing to become a dealer, then the game at the table cannot be played. To become a dealer can’t be just any player, but there is a minimum balance that must be owned by players who want to become a dealer. If the balance does not reach the minimum requirement, then the player cannot become a dealer. Daftar Sbobet Bola

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The Risks That Will Be Feel To Be A Dealer In The Poker Game139

How can be like that ? this is because when one player becomes a dealer. Then the card he holds will be played against the player who is at the same table with him. You imagine if all the card players have a high value, while the dealer is small. Of course, the dealer must issue a large balance to pay the players. Therefore, to become a dealer, there is already a predetermined minimum balance. Being a dealer also has its pluses and minuses, where if the dealer’s card is small, then they have to spend a large amount of capital. But if the dealer’s card is large, then the dealer will certainly receive a big win too.

In the Poker139 game, every game that has occupied the table and made a bet. Then they will each get 2 dominoes which are distributed by the dealer. From the two cards they add up the total and take the final result. If the end result is a unit, for example 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, then that is the result of their card. However, if the result is tens for example 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 then what is taken is still the final result. That is on the numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 . In the Poker139 game, the highest value is the number 9. When you become a player and get the number 9, then you will get a win 2 times the betting result. However, if the city does not get the number 9.

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The Risks That Will Be Feel To Be A Dealer In The Poker Game139

If in the game you get the number 9 and the dealer also gets the number 9. Then you will get nothing. Because if the dealer has got the number 9, all the pairs at the table will be won by the dealer. That’s the advantage that you can feel when you become a dealer in the Poker139 game. But if you want to play it safe, then you are just a player. You don’t need to be a city, because being a city also has big risks. Especially if you only have a mediocre balance to become a city. So you should just be a player, don’t be too forced to be a dealer.