This is How to Easily Deposit Online Slots Through the E-Money Application

This is How to Easily Deposit Online Slots Through the E-Money Application

How to Deposit Onlie Slots – The development of technology today is very pronounced, everything can be changed in virtual form as a sign of modern era innovation. As currently, many online slot gambling sites develop various payment methods not only through banks but also through applications. However, there are still some people who do not understand this technology and cannot accept sophisticated innovations.

Therefore, the transaction method of How to Deposit Online Slots through a Bank is still often used as an option to deposit into a slot gambling account. But if you don’t want or don’t have a bank account, for example, depositing using the e-money application is the right solution. Also when registering, you only need personal cellphone capital and an existing telephone number, so you can immediately have a registered account.

Apart from using the application, online slot sites also provide various methods, but this time we will discuss through e-money. Also top-up will be easier than having to go to an ATM, if you can at home why do you have to go out. Now, if you want to experience the convenience of how to deposit online slots, you can immediately fill in the balance through the following applications, hopefully this will be useful.

It’s easy to deposit online slots through the application

Nowadays it can be said to be an all-online era, even playing online slot gambling can be played through sites on the internet. Also, it is easy to fill up the balance on a judi slot deposit pulsa, has a lot of choices that are provided by the site agent. Then the application is also available on the iOs-based Apstore and Playstore for Android users, here is how to list it. Daftar Slot Online Terpercaya

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If you don’t have an account on How to Deposit Online Slots in the OVO application, you can log in first using a telephone number.

After that, log in to the slot gambling account and can go directly to the Deposit or Transfer menu

Then, in the menu there is an option to send to fellow OVO and via Bank Account, then you select OVO.

Then select deposit via OVO and enter the nominal deposit amount

Press OK

The next step is to open the OVO application on your cellphone

Open in the notification section whether there is an incoming message that you have made a deposit to the OVO gambling site account

Press confirmation, it’s also done, don’t forget to check the balance on the site account, whether it has been filled or not


Go-pay is a payment feature in the GOJEK application, this tool can be useful. How to Deposit Online Slots as a wallet for various payment methods including gambling. Well, the method is still the same as before.

You can immediately select the deposit menu via Go-pay

After that, fill in the Transfer Nominal amount

Then, you will be given a transfer code or it can also be a Barcode

Open the Go-pay application, then select the pay and transfer menu

Or if the transfer uses a barcode, after selecting the payment menu, you can immediately scan the barcode.
After that, the deposit will automatically be filled.

The method is still the same as the top up method above, namely select the deposit menu then select the DANA method and enter the deposit amount. Then if you can immediately open the How to Deposit Online Slots application on your cellphone and look at the notification menu if there is a message from the site.

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