Tricks & How to Play Capsa Susun Online Real Money For Beginners

For those of you who have a hobby with the New Member Capsa Susun Promo card game, maybe you are very familiar with a variation of the card game called Capsa Susun.

This one game is very popular in the Asian region, especially in Indonesia, this one game is played with a total of 4 players in one session.

With the rapid development of technology, everyone can play situs judi poker without having to leave the house and go to a land dealer.

Currently there are many online sites that provide Capsa Online Games to be played anywhere and anytime.

For those of you who want to play Capsa Susun Online on Android, there are special guidelines and strategies that can be done to increase the chances of winning.

One of them is by following the guide on how to play Capsa Susun Online below.

How to Play Capsa Susun Online

How to play Domino Capsa Susun can be said to be easy and difficult, the way to play is almost like poker, but there is no need to raise, bluff, or fold. judi casino terpercaya

We are only invited to arrange the cards we get, then we will be pitted against other players’ card arrangements.

In the Capsa Sort New Member Promo game, we can choose to play as a player (player) or dealer (city) in Capsa City.

If you choose to play as a dealer, then you must have sufficient capital, the minimum bet in the Capsa Susun game at the smallest table is 1000 and the maximum at the big table is 150,000.

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If you become a dealer, your card arrangement will be pitted against another player’s card arrangement, whereas if you play as a player.

You can choose whether your card will only be pitted against the dealer, or at the same time pitted against other players.

To be able to complain to other players, you must challenge the player, the cards will be pitted if the opponent is willing to accept your challenge if the opponent refuses, your card will only be pitted against the dealer’s card.

1.Royal Flush :

This is the highest card of all levels and if there are two players who have the same card, then what determines is the image of the flower.

2.Straigh Flush :

This is an arrangement of consecutive card combinations with the same suit, but the card is not determined starting from any number.

3.4 Of A Kind :

This combination is an arrangement of four twin cards and one more free card without having to be the same, if in this combination the images of these 4 cards will indeed have different images and are free of any card, the important thing is that the card has the same number and image.

4.Fulls House:

Is a card arrangement consisting of 2 sheets of similar cards and 3 pieces of similar cards and 2 cards with the same number, but the pictures do not have to be the same.

5.Flush :

The combination of cards with the arrangement of cards does not have to be sequential, but all five cards must have the same flower.

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6.Straight :

The arrangement of the 5 cards must be sequential but the leaves are not the same, this card combination is quite easy to get for Capsa Susun Online players.

7.Three Of Kind :

a combination of 3 cards with the same number and 2 free cards, this card arrangement is also quite easy for players to get.

8.Two Pair :

That is a combination of cards that have 2 pairs of cards of the same value and the other cards are free.

9.One Pair :

In this combination, you have a pair of cards with the same value, and 3 other cards are free.

Each card combination will get one point, the following is the calculation for the Capsa Susun Online card combination:

  • Middle Royal Flush: This card combination will get 22 points.
  • Royal Flush Down: This combination of cards will get 11 points.
  • 4 Of Kind Middle: This card combination will get 14 points.
  • 4 Of Kind Below: This card combination will get 7 points.
  • Middle Straight Flush: This card combination will get 18 points.
  • Straight Flush Down: this card combination will get 9 points.
  • Full House: This card combination will get 3 points.

How to Arrange the Correct Online Capsa Susun Card

In the Capsa Susun Online Real Money game we have to arrange the cards into 3 levels, here’s how to arrange the capsa cards to win.

The first level, located at the bottom, consists of 5 cards with the highest combination.

The second level, located in the middle, consists of 5 cards with a lower combination than the first level.

The third tier, located at the very top, consists of 3 cards with the lowest card combination.

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The correct arrangement of cards in the game How to Play the Capsa Susun New Member Promo For Beginners must be like the example below so that you can win.

  • The first/lower level, you arrange cards with a combination of Full House.
  • The second/middle level, you arrange cards with a combination of High Card Ace.
  • Level when /up, you arrange cards with a combination of High Card King.

Note: The arrangement of cards in the Trusted Capsa Online Gambling Site game must consist of the 5 strongest card combinations at the bottom.

5 card combinations that are not stronger than the middle, if there is an error in the card arrangement, it will automatically be considered a loser.