Tutorial on how to deposit online credit slots without deductions and benefits

Tutorial on how to deposit online credit slots without deductions and benefits

Online slots are indeed fun games, not only for entertainment but also as a source of coffers. There are also those who think that playing slots is one way to make instant income and the results are very large. Also besides that, you don’t need a lot of capital to be able to play, because via credit you can deposit just under 10 thousand.

Online credit daftar slot online deposit is indeed a method that is still not widely used by some members, because it is still unfamiliar to be used as a means of payment. After all, players also more often deposit via bank because they are more comfortable and used to using it, besides being connected to their account. But via credit it is even easier, even though it is relatively new in the world of gambling via credit, it has the advantage of the cheapest minimum deposit.

There are many ways to deposit on online slot sites apart from via the bank, you can also transfer credit, besides being free. Then to be able to deposit via credit, you must first know the telephone number of the site where you are playing so you can immediately fill in. Then how do you know, namely by asking the site’s customer service, or you can live chat and support agents. Judi Slot Online Terpercaya

Here’s how, so you don’t send the wrong one.


Deposits via Telkomsel credit transfer can be done in two ways, namely the USSD Menu:

  • Open the keypad menu then PRESS * 858 * Destination Number * Nominal Amount #. Example: * 858 * 08124356xxxx * 10000 # that means you deposit 10 thousand rupiah.
  • Then PRESS DIAL/ YES or Call
  • When the reply pop up appears, enter the number 1 credit transfer
  • Then automatically the nominal inside will be reduced according to the nominal amount of the transfer.
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  • Open the SMS menu then TYPE the TPULSA space NOMINAL TRANSFER
  • Send an SMS to the telephone number of the Online Slot dealer
  • Wait for a reply, then type YES

Three (3)

  • Via the Call menu dial, namely:
  • Type * 323 # phone menu
  • If a pop up appears, immediately enter the BANDAR NUMBER and TRANSFER NOMINAL
  • Done


  • Open the SMS menu
  • Type TRF space NOMINAL TRANSFER space BANDAR NUMBER Online Slot press SEND
  • SEND to 123

After that, wait until there is a SUCCESSFUL reply, and if it is successful, the pulse inside if it is sufficient will be deducted automatically.



  • First open the keypad menu then PRESS * 123 * 168 # when the menu appears, then you can enter the NUMBER OF BANDARD and NOMINAL TRANSFER or
  • TYPE * 123 * 8461 # select BAGI PULSA and immediately follow the next command


  • Open the SMS menu
  • SEND to 168
  • Then type in Y and SEND
  • For example: BAGI 087788347xxx 5000 send, after which the credit will be cut off automatically.

Benefits of Credit Deposit on Online Slot Sites

  • Depositing via credit on online slot sites has many advantages, such as the following.
  • Transactions easier and safer
  • Avoid the interruption of offline bank operations that often occur
  • Account secret security is better maintained
  • Deposits can be made 24/7
  • Has a minimum deposit of up to 10 thousand
  • Can play many types of games on the site

That’s the advantage of transactions via credit, and this is perfect for those who don’t have more money but want to play.

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