Understanding and Procedures for Playing Poker139

There are two types of gambling that are widely developed in Indonesia, namely live gambling and online gambling. In live gambling or gambling directly, gamblers gather in one place and play games using bets. Then the one who wins the game will win the bet. From the first gambling games have been very tempting because it is not uncommon for people to get rich from gambling. But not a few who went bankrupt due to gambling addiction. Even people are willing to pawn all their wealth just for betting. Now there is such a thing as online gambling which has many advantages and it is also not uncommon for online gambling sites to provide deposit limits so that members do not play situs poker idn terbaik gambling until they spend more than the deposit amount. Daftar Sbobet Casino

Online Gambling

Online gambling sites are increasingly mushrooming because they are very profitable both for agents and facilitators as well as for members who register on these online gambling sites. For the players themselves, the benefits are more than playing offline. There are so many Online Gambling Sites that provide cashback deposit promos so they are cheaper. In addition, the game is the same as in the original casino and there will be no cheating actions because players must follow the existing system. Unlike playing live, where the cheating rate is very high, it is very detrimental to other players. One of the most popular online gambling games today is Poker139.

Understanding Poker139 Online

Poker139 games in online casinos are one of the most popular games besides domino games, poker and other card games. This game also uses dominoes by using different rules and ways of playing. This game only uses two cards per player and looks for the player with the highest score to win. The absolute rule that must be followed is that the maximum number of players for one table is 8 people. While the minimum bet value for each table is different and players can choose a table that matches the number of chips they have at that time.

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In this Poker139 game, each person only gets two dominoes that are given randomly by the dealer. The winner is the player who gets a card with a total card value of 9 which is called Q (kiu). That’s why this game is called Poker139. The value of the card is seen from the number of circles on the two cards. If more than 9, then the last digit is counted. If you get 10 it means the value is 0. If no player gets a value of 9, then the highest value than the other players will win.

How to Play Poker139 Online

To be able to play Poker139 you must first know the rules of the game. In this Poker139 game, the maximum number of players at one table is 8 people. Each table has a different bet value so players can choose the table that matches the amount of money they have or the chips in their wallet. For example, five gambling tables are provided for Poker139 with a bet value of 1,000; 2,000; 3,000; 4000; and 5,000. Players can choose one of them according to the chips they have. For example, a player has 10,000 chips in his wallet, it is recommended to choose a table of 1,000 even though it is possible to choose the table with the highest bet value.

If you have chosen a table, each player will be asked to bet money according to the minimum bet value at the table he has chosen and can give more. After that the dealer will give two dominoes. After that you only need to add the number of card values ​​you have. The highest value in this game is the number 9 which is called Q (Kiu). For the calculation itself, the last digit of the total card value is taken. For example, if you get cards 8 and 6, the number is 14. However, what will be considered is only the number 4 so that the value of your card is only 4. The winner of this game is the player who has the highest number of cards.

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Because this game is played online, there are very few or no opportunities to cheat. Because everything is arranged systematically so that players only need to follow the existing system. Thus this game does not require a lot of strategy like other games because the cards obtained are shuffled automatically and depend more on the luck of the player. Therefore, it is better to choose a table with the smallest bet value so you don’t lose when you lose and don’t try to bet more than the minimum bet value because luck doesn’t always come all the time.