Various rules for playing online poker that must be mastered before playing

Basically the rules of playing online poker are very easy and not at all difficult because it only combines the five cards in the hand.

However, this is clearly not the same simple thing for beginners, not a few beginners who do not yet know about how and what the rules of playing poker must be done. daftar agen bola terbaik

In this article, you will be invited to find out the basic rules of how to play  poker deposit pulsa online poker gambling on the Online Poker Betting site.

Actually, poker games are not just card gambling games that can be done online, long before technological developments provided an opportunity for you to play more practically on a smartphone or computer.

Poker games have been around for a long time, poker games are widely played by people from various countries, from Asia, Europe, and America.

To play poker, there were various rules that they had to obey at that time, such as the rules below.

General Rules for Playing Poker

The rules for playing online poker in one casino with another casino are the same, the rules for playing poker in one online gambling agent with other online gambling agents are no different.

That is, where the rules get that the poker game that used to only be played by 4 people can now be played by a maximum of 9 people in one table.

The type of card used in poker games is playing cards which are marked with the lowest card value is 2, and the highest card value is Ace.


Another rule of playing online poker is that there is a blind, which is where each player takes turns in dealing cards.

The player to the left of the blind or dealer is the small blind, the player to the left of the small blind is the big blind.

To play poker, the turn of the turn to play in a clockwise direction, if there are players who give up it is termed a fold.

Finally, the player who wins the game is entitled to all bets on the table.

Four Terms Poker Game

There are at least 4 terms that become the rules of online poker games that you must understand, namely the first is call/check.

In online poker gambling, the call button is used when you want to follow the bet set by the opponent, the check button is used for bets after following the initial bet and having passed one game round.

The other three terms are raise, all in, and fold – this raise is your step to increase the value of the bet on the grounds that your card is good or just bluffing your opponent.

All in is a big decision where you choose to risk all your chips, and finally fold, which is a step to give up not following the game in the middle of a playing session.

Best Card Combination

It is also important for you to know the types of card combinations in online poker games that are good and have the potential to be bet on.

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First, the types of cards that are good for continuing the bet, including the aces that are paired with three royal combinations, namely J, Q, K.

If you have a card combination like this, the position is very safe to continue betting.

The next online poker playing rules regarding the second card combination which is fairly safe if you want to increase the bet is the same as the card combination above.

That is, where you have three royal cards J, Q, and K met with As, your chances of winning will be very wide open.

Those are the rules for playing online poker that must be mastered before playing at an online poker betting site agent.