What If an Online Poker Member Transfers Wrong Funds?

In everyday life we ​​also try to do our best. When you work, in your heart and mind, you certainly hope that you can do today’s work and other activities well and smoothly. Who wants to make a mistake on purpose? Certainly not, as we all know that mistakes happen not on purpose. We ourselves know that if something goes wrong, of course it can be a bad impact and can be detrimental. Time wasted or other things can also be harmed. So that when we make a mistake we are subject to sanctions in accordance with applicable regulations. With the hope of forming discipline and not repeating it.

But that doesn’t mean mistakes happen because there are no intentional intentions that can always be tolerated or helped. But everything can also be disturbed and of course the fear can become a bad habit to continue. Not only do people make mistakes at work, but people can also make mistakes in other things or activities. As currently one of the activities that many people do is play online poker gambling. Gambling? Isn’t that forbidden? How can people now play poker139 online gambling? Of course, there are still many people who ask this question, even though nowadays it is all modern and sophisticated. So that Indonesian people can now play online gambling safely.

As currently one of the activities that many people do is play online poker gambling.
Online Poker Daftar Live Casino

Minimum Deposit IDR 10,000

One of the online gambling games that are in great demand and played by the public is the online poker gambling game. Why not soccer or lottery gambling? Both gambling games are only available at certain matches or hours. While this online poker gambling game is a member against a member. So the game is pure and many also played it during those 24 hours. This one card game is also easy to understand and the minimum deposit is generally only IDR 10,000. So people as members who want to play, can make a deposit first using the account registered on their account or credit. But there are still members who make mistakes when depositing funds.

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Deposit to Old Account Or Other Site

There are still poker members who want to play but transfer funds to their old or previous accounts. Even though it has not been used for months or weeks and the destination account for the deposit has also been changed to a new account. Even though the member has also sent a photo of the proof of the transfer, there is still a time limit for the assistance period and the funds are forcibly considered forfeited. Not only that, but members also sometimes seem to have the wrong site when submitting a deposit report. The member fills out the deposit form, but checks the funds don’t come in. Not long after the member arrived, they were asked for proof, when they checked the account name for the deposit was different or had never been used by the agent.

Wrong Mobile Number

Not only in deposits between accounts, but there is also an error from the member when making a deposit via credit. A deposit via credit is provided because this can also be a member who wants to play, but with the disadvantage of being subject to a discount with a predetermined percentage The Mobile number for the purpose of depositing via credit has also been listed on the Deposit Funds menu. If the member sometimes still mistypes or sends credit to a number that does not match or has the wrong number. It’s also not our responsibility anymore to help. Moreover, usually members sometimes get the wrong numbers or even send credit to the agent’s WhatsApp number.

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